Saturday, June 28, 2008

What wasn't there something else here......

I removed the post from yesterday if you read it then you know the one I am talking about. I thought about it and decided that even though I needed to rant that much it wasn't something that I should have posted to everyone and their brother. :) Needless to say if you didn't read it - I had a SUPER bad day on Friday. Main highlight was that I have somehow forgotten the pin number for my debit card. Which has set off this huge cleaning spree because I know it is here somewhere... But where exactly in the many piles of my stuff is the question. SO not much in the way of knitting done in the past two days. But progress on cleaning which is a big plus for me.

Off to watch Amazing Grace and on of the Love's Enduring movies before they are due back tomorrow.

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Loveto said...

I had to laugh because I've often thought of deleting posts after I've published them. I've not deleted them, but have taken them from public to private, just for the record.
Hope your week-end is GREAT!