Saturday, December 12, 2015

Knitting, life, Christmas time, and Diet

I have picked up my lovely hobby of knitting once again. My current projects should be linked at the side via Ravelry widget. My sister-in-law asked me about the Mermaid Tail blanket that is all the craze right now. I found a pattern that was knit, bought it and yarn, and have been working on the girls gifts. Not done in time for the party unfortunately. :( But we will be in Lansing again soon and can deliver them then. I also found an awesome Shark blanket (same designer) for my nephew! But first he is getting a TMNT hat in Raphael's colors.

In knitting the girls blankets I was asked by a family friend if I could make one for her daughter after said daughter saw it and went gaga. Of course I said yes. So I'm casting that on now to bust it out before the end of the month. Another friend asked about Harry Potter house mitts and scarf for her daughter, those go on the needles next! I'm slowly getting my sanity back via knitting and will be glad to sit over break and relax with my knitting!

Life - my poor middle child! Due to some outside circumstances we decided to pull her from public school and have her attend online schools. No more than a week in she faints due to low blood sugar while I'm at work and gets a concussion. Concussion = no stimulation....meaning no screen time....meaning no school until cleared of symptoms. Fast forward a month and still having headaches, next step is a neurologist appointment. She believes that the concussion triggered migraines and we are now trying an elimination diet. The girl is a picky eater as it is but when you take away chocolate & cheese - you severely diminish her foods she will willingly eat. Let's say she hasn't been entirely the strictest on this diet as I cannot starve her. She already doesn't eat much from one food group - dairy due to issues with lactose. And then on top of this she has hurt the muscle in her thigh at the knee. We are watching to see if swelling goes down for another week. If it doesn't potential physical therapy and/or MRI. Mind you this is all since the tail end of September to today.

We attended the second of four family parties we have this month. The first my youngest and I were scheduled to not attend due to a conflict but it was canceled so we went to the mother-in-laws side. Today we attended my side's party and I ate my fill in yummy cookies and homemade fudge. We even took our family photo outside since it was a lovely but damp almost 60 degrees here in the Mitten state.

Diet - more life a lifestyle change. I had to give up my Jazzercise position that gave me a free membership due to my work schedule changing. But I had a backup - Beachbody and became a coach. My awesome cousin Nettie is my sponsor and my Rockstar leader. I love 21 Day Fix but I have fallen off the wagon after Thanksgiving. :( My Monday is actually Sunday so I am starting over tomorrow. And since I got my Black Friday sale deals I might mix it up and try a new program! I'm tracking that journey on my other blog Slimming Down to RockTheFit (linked to my profile).