Monday, November 23, 2015

We have another animal.....

On 2/18 my friend saw a cat frozen to the ground outside her house. She sat with him, rubbing his paws until she was able to remove his feet from the ground and take him inside. Unfortunately due to her and her daughters allergies they could not keep him in their house long. She called me begging me to take him in. And we did. His poor back paws were severely swollen because of an infection caused by the frostbite wound on his tail. He had a wound on one of his back legs and his paw pads were torn up from being frozen.

On 2/19 we took him to a vet to have his paws looked at. Me being the animal sucker that I am, told them to do the works. I couldn't decide to hold off on anything, especially if it would be something needed in a few days time. He was left there to get fluids, rabies shots, and a slew of other things. He wouldn't allow the vet to examine his leg wound but he was given an antibiotic and some pain meds. We were asked to return with him in four days time.

On 2/23 we went back for his recheck. He roamed all around the room, exploring everything, trying to eat the treat they had whole (it was a piece of jerky).


So I originally started this entry back in Feb. when we got the cat. And then promptly forgot to come back to it! Colby is healthy and an expensive FREE cat! But we love his crazy butt and wouldn't have it any other way. Hard to believe this poor baby was once outside and frozen. He had some complications - needed to have his tail partially amputated from being frozen. And must have had frostbite to his bits as when they fixed him he wouldn't stop bleeding. One trip to stay overnight with the emergency vets and he was ok and still alive! He is a miracle cat and we wouldn't have him any other way.

We called him Tiny Cat to begin with as we weren't sure we would keep him and he was soooooo tiny compared to our BIG Jack cat.