Saturday, May 9, 2009

B-day pressies and such! picture heavy sry :)

First off I finished the Sunshine Yarns Butterbeer socks! Had to take a pic of them with my cat as the colorway was almost his coloring. They are so pretty - see:

syspringforward 002

catsock 004

Then I cast on my next pair in Sunshine Yarns Cabernet for the May KAL. I am knitting the Snowflake socks. :) Aren't they pretty so far? I am of course on the foot portion now and haven't taken current pics.

maykalsock 001

Wednesday was my b-day and Amy sent me the rest of my gifts. I'd gotten the yarn & stitch markers earlier as we traded Weasley's Wizard Wheezes - she got twist and I bought the merino sport to trade her. :) And the ebil sneaky woman bought this yarn around Christmas time an teased me with it when all along it was for me - EBIL! J. Knits superwash sock in AC# 130 soooooo pretties!

bdaypressies 002

She made those project bags for me and some pretty stitch markers (family set and Twilight!!!!!) that are not in the pics cuz I forgot them. >.> So here they are! And the lovely coffee cozy that she made a few of but I love it and will use it often instead of the cardboard ones! :) Aren't the bags awesome?! The bowling one is super special and appropriate - a friend of ours from her school dragged her to join our team one year and we have been BFF's ever since!

Twilight Markers, take 2

Jenni's Bday Markers

And my newest Sunshine Yarns rovings. :)

Bella in 65% Superwash Merino/ 35% Silk
roving 007

Wisteria in 100% Organic Merino
roving 006