Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 6

Well out of the 101 things this seems to be the one I am working on the most. Outside of knitting and reading that is.....I have cookies in my house again. home made sugar cookies that I am supposed to make frosting for. My sis-in-law comes down every year around Christmas and makes cookies that we take to the cookie exchange for the teachers. This year she came down early because she was having problems with her laptop and needed her big brother to fix it. She decided to either make cookies and we frost them while she waited or carve pumpkins. In true J fashion she brought stuff for both. So now I have about 3 dozen cookies to frost and 3 pumpkins to carve tonight. I'm not complaining about the pumpkins......much......I wasn't going to buy them this year or at least not 1 for all the girls. So that was good that she got them for them. :) But in making the cookies here - she killed my hand-mixer. Mine you it's about 10 years old now since it was a wedding gift. Truthfully it's been dieing for a while now but I hadn't used it since maybe last year this time. But darnit now I have to get kitchen stuff for Christmas instead of yarn! :( Sadly I'll have to buy it before then because I'll need it for the cookie exchanges in December! UGH! It's raining here can you tell?!?!?!?

Well back to the shawl since I need it soon. Hopefully it will go faster once I finally stop messing it up. >.>

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 5

Got up this morning to go to church and got the kids in the shower. I was blow drying my youngest daughter's hair and see this section of hair that is shorter than the rest. Evidently Lily had raided my purse and my gum stash. Took some back into their room and gave some to Becca. Becca then proceeded to after chewing it get it stuck in her hair. Lily got the brilliant idea to cut the gum out. I have to plead guilty to this - that is my threat to them if they ever were to get gum stuck in their hair. Gum is a big no-no for them. So needless to say after looking at the section was past what I could do cutting her hair. I took her to get it cut and it turned out very cute. It frames her face and is layered a little in the back.

My creation

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 4 Part 2

I had coffee.......a lot of coffee this morning.....well not a lot but more than I should have had. :D I had a buy 1 get 1 coupon given to me last week for Caribou Coffee - and I have one more because the hubby got on and he doesn't drink it - YAY! So anyways! I went and got to medium (see I was smrt!) carmel high rises and took them with me to the school. Then I got to spend the morning knitting after we totaled up all the classes that would be there. Then worked in the cafeteria and came back to knit some more! I am about 1/4 of the way - maybe more - on the hubby's scarf cuz that's what I had with me. I probably won't get to knit more tomorrow as all the rest of the classes will be finishing then. But we shall see. must make dinner was demanded of me that I come up with what we are eating. Later!

Day 4

Drive by post on the way to get the kids to the bus......I'm draggin butt today and yesterday was no better. I slept like crap last night again. I give up and I even tried to go to bed early again but got distracted by making cookies. I'd pulled them out to make earlier in the evening and then had to make them because one of the girls got into a package and ate some. GRRRRRR!

On the knitting front - not much is actually getting done this all other than the kids fundraiser. My life is the school this week. And now to drag a brush through the youngest kids hair and get her socks on and out the door. Later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 3

I am sleepy - I slept bad last night and was once again at the school all day long. I was leaving at the end of the day and one of the mom's who'd come to help with the first class asked me where my cot was. Yes I truly live at the kids school during lap-a-thon week. In case for some odd reason someone forgets their time or has a kid get sick. That way I am already there to fill in and I'm not the only one. But I am the only one there from the start of the day to about 5 minutes before school gets out. And my lol of the day was as I am getting ready to turn out of the sub where our school is I get a call - from my oldest. "Are you picking us up today?" Um no, if I was then I would have sent in a not to your teachers like I need to when picking up kids and ACTUALLY stayed at the school to get you......duh! If I leave when I have been I can get out before everyone, get home, let the dog out, get the mail and then go get the kids from the bus.

So this afternoon I had to mail some books for PBS - got 2 off my shelf WOOT! And I needed to get food cuz it was grovery time this past weekend but I was lazy and cleaned. I know - weird. But when I was in Sam's club I saw the Knitting 2009 Calendar that has a pattern a day on each page (desk calendar). It was $8.46US.....lowest you can find it on is $9.68. I already looked through mine tonight and saw that there are a ton of great patterns that I can't wait to try. :)

Well it's off to bed for me now. I know I suck because it's only 8:20 pm EDT but I am wiped and I won't be able to function tomorrow if I don't get enough sleep tonight. At least this morning I didn't have to be up there right away but I had to be awake and the hubby woke me early with the alarm. He had to get his parents from the airport since we had dropped them off to safe on parking for them. My bed's calling me...........nite......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 2

Quick drive by posting this morning as I'll be spending all day as a school slave. The first day of many this week. It's lap-a-thon time - our fundraiser. I slacked off on the volunteers this year so I have to fill in a ton of slots myself. I really am thinking this year will be the last year that I chair this position on the PTO. I just dropped too many balls this past month for it. I even forgot to send out the reminder notes this past week. I could send them out today but that doesn't mean that everyone will get them in time for their shifts. I'm still not looking forward to being there all day and then working during lunch. I bought some adult lunchables - basically the same thing but with 2 meats and and AndesTM mint in it - YUM! Ok time to pack my lunch and get the obnoxiously already ready kids out the door.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grins and giggles

I have decided to join the 101 things in 1001 days movement. Below is my list of 101 things I want to accomplish. I plan to move this to its own page and link it on the side. Like I need another blog to keep track of - doh! >.<

On a side note - Amy has my bridesmaids dress now. It came in a few days ago even though they told us 11/7 it would be here. LOL Oh and she said it fits her. :) Being the same size comes in handy....I think we are the same size everywhere....I hope we are otherwise it might make me super busty....ok wait is that really a problem? Nah! hehe *evil grin*

Start date: 10/19/08

End date: 07/17/11

Items in italics are in progress.
Items that have been completes will be bolded.

1. Clean out the fridge
2. Clean out and organize the freezer
3. Clean out and organize the containers
4. Organize the kitchen cabinets
5. Clean out and organize the laundry room
6. Clean out and organize the master bath
7. Clean off the kitchen counters and find a home for all the clutter
8. Clean out and organize our bedroom (go through closet)
9. Donate unused clothes
10. Wash, fold and put away laundry as soon as it's done
11. Find a home for all the paperwork I need to save
12. Organize my books
13. Find new homes for all unwanted books via PBS
14. Clean up and organize my computer desk area
15. Clean up and organize my bookmarks
16. Clean the kitty litter every single day (0/1001)
17. Fill the flower bed - something other than Lily's of the Valley

18. Wash and fold kid's clothing and have them put it away
19. Sort through kids clothes & donate what it too small/won't wear
20. Clean out and organize the kids room
21. Organize kids closet
22. Clean kids bathroom
23. Go through remaining toys and get rid of old/destroyed/too young ones

24. Organize all my recipes, either online or in a binder
25. Organize all my cookbooks and mark favorites for easy access
26. Make weekly menus for a year (0/52)
27. Make grocery lists from the menus and shop by list (0/52)
28. Watch sales fliers to put my food money to best use
29. Try 10 new recipes (0/10)

30. Make a budget
31. Update checkbook weekly by Sunday for 4 months (0/18)
32. Pay off Visas
33. Pay off Art Van
34. Stick with budget for 12 months (0/12)
35. Pay off loans
36. Get other loans out of default
37. Save money each month - even if it's only $20 (0/32)
38. Put at least $30 into HSA a month
39. Only buy coffee from Caribou or Starbucks twice a month (1/64)

40. Fly on a plane (9-6-08)
41. Travel to at least 2 states I've never been to before (0/2)
42. Organize all my photos
43. Upload my favorites to my Flickr account
44. Take at least one roll of 35mm film every other month & get it developed
45. Get & learn Photoshop
46. Wear 5 pieces of favorite jewelry (0/5)
47. Watch the sun rise 10 times (0/10)
48. Cross-stitch 10 things (0/10)
49. Make at least 1 new piece of jewelry every 2 months
50. Make a trip to the cabin for a week's vacation
51. See at least 10 new movies (0/10)
52. See Twilight with the lunch ladies (11-21-08)
53. Watch all of inuyasha
54. Watch all of Gilmore Girls
55. Watch all of Charmed

57. Lose 70 lbs. (0/70)
58. Walk an average of 10 miles/week for a year (0/52)
59. Try Jazzercise class and join once a credit card is paid off
60. Play Wii Fit 2 hrs a day (0/730)
61. Wear a bathing suit and feel good in it!
62. Get 8 hours of sleep at least 5 night a week

63. Journal (blogger) every day for a year (1/365)
64. Read 150 books (1/150)
65. Try 12 new authors (1/12)
66. Read 12 classics (0/12)
67. Read 5 works of nonfiction (0/5)
68. Read the entire Bible in a year
69. Complete the current Bible study with the church
70. Learn HTML
71. Learn CSS

72. Buy more rechargeable batteries
73. Dispose of batteries that don't hold a charge
74. Replace remaining bulbs with CFLs or LEDs
75. Recycle - find a local station to drop things off at
76. Use only natural cleaning products
77. Recycle the kids drink pouches
78. Use
Eco-Libris with every new book purchased
79. Eliminate use of plastic bags while shopping
80. Instead of purchasing something immediately, plan to make it or buy second-hand

81. Give 10 "just because" gifts (0/10)
82. Plan a surprise party - Annette's going away party
83. Give handmade gifts at all holidays
84. Go see Nana - not on a holiday
85. Visit family every 3 months
86. Send out Christmas cards to our family & friends for 2 years (0/2)

87. Finish current knit projects (0/6)
88. Knit a sweater - decide on THE pattern
89. Actually knit sweater after buying yarn
90. Knit a pair of socks for he girls (0/3)
91. Knit a pair of socks for the hubby (0/1)
92. Knit and use only washcloths for household cleaning
93. Buy only 3 skeins of yarn every 3 months
94. Use stash yarn for projects in queue that won't matter if acrylic
95. Organize printed patterns in binder

96. Sell unused photo albums on eBay (0/3)
97. Order Terracycle bags
98. Organize my day better by writing schedules
99. Balance family & me time equally with time schedules
100. Try 1 new game that the hubby likes (0/1)
101. Have a date night with the hubby

Friday, October 17, 2008


My brain is on autopilot right now since my coffee is just now finishing brewing........slow morning. Gotta get into a better routine - ugh!

Knitting - i have pictures now of BBBII & Hubby's scarf. Oh and silly Jack sleeping on my monitor this morning. See too easily distracted in the morning to remember coffee......and yes i have one of those fancy ones that you can pre-program to start brewing at a certain time. But that takes thinking the night before and my brain = mush right now. So now the pics!!!

Jack on my monitor......
oct2 002

Hubby's scarf
oct2 009

HCH's bunny blanket buddy
HCH's bunny blanket buddy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


BBBII (bunny blanket buddy 2) was finished last night at knit night. I love that it is a super quick project and that if I have everything with me can be finished in a half a day tops. Now to just get it to Em and Josh for their son. :) I planned to work on my second socks second sock but I left my row counter at home and since I am on the heel repeats I wasn't going to mess with it unless I knew where I am. Even then I can't remember if I moved it up after finishing the last repeat or not. *sigh* might have to frog to the beginning to make sure......good thing I am only on the 4th maybe 5th repeat.

This of course meant that I HAD to work on hubby's scarf since I brought it with me and short of starting a new set of wash clothes to finish the owl had to be done. I got most of the way back to where I was when I first frogged it. I'll take pics later today so that I can get them on here and Now I must get back to fundraising calls.....oh joy!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cast on....

I cast on the second sock yesterday. YAY! Hopefully I can finish it in the next 2 weeks......I doubt this as I really should be making calls about the fundraising help I need today and tomorrow. Ugh! But hey I can work on it when I am not needed during the lap-a-thon since I'll be there EVERY day that week. *SIGH* Wonder if I can get someone to take it over from me next year......

Truthfully I don't mind doing it but it wears me out within the first 2 months of school. Then in December I organize a cookie exchange for the teachers. We parents provide the cookies and they get to take them home. The big problem is that I don't have a local number so not too many people will actually call me about it. It stinks and here I am procrastinating again on doing this. Ok really now I have to get offline and make these calls. If I stay here any longer then I'll go back to reading the Midnight Sun draft on Stephanie Meyer's those books are like crack! I literally read all 4 of them in a week. No wonder I am putting things off! >.> Ok seriously now I'm cleaning the litter boxes........

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I got a package!

Thank you secret pal!!!!!

My mailman just knocked on my door - this usually means that there is a package for us that won't fit in the mailbox, etc. Sure enough I open the door to find a Loopy Ewe box inside my door - WOOT!

sept2 004

So of course I tore it open with the camera in hand to snap pics of my goodies. I got some Soak with sock yarn samples - both very pretty colorways. Not to mention nice to pet. :D

sept2 007

A Keychain Sock Blocker. I've been looking and looking at this a couple of time because it looks too cute! Plus being a new sock knitting addict it will help me practice for smaller feet. hehe

sept2 006

And last but not least some absolutely LOVELY Trekking Hand Art yarn in 504 Brazil colorway.

sept2 009