Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 5

Got up this morning to go to church and got the kids in the shower. I was blow drying my youngest daughter's hair and see this section of hair that is shorter than the rest. Evidently Lily had raided my purse and my gum stash. Took some back into their room and gave some to Becca. Becca then proceeded to after chewing it get it stuck in her hair. Lily got the brilliant idea to cut the gum out. I have to plead guilty to this - that is my threat to them if they ever were to get gum stuck in their hair. Gum is a big no-no for them. So needless to say after looking at the section was past what I could do cutting her hair. I took her to get it cut and it turned out very cute. It frames her face and is layered a little in the back.

My creation