Sunday, December 18, 2011


Has this tendency to run away from me. Crazy busy lately. Enjoying the peace of a quiet home while the kids are at their grandparents for a few days. Then back to the hub-bub of the holidays. One Christmas knitting project down - knit my FIL some slippers he could wear inside his boots for extra warmth. Onto the next projects - 2 Maddox the Mischievous monsters for my nieces & a Grumpasaurus for my nephew.

Got an awesome gift from my friend Amy sent me an awesome Christmas gift this year. I got 2 batts of fiber to spin from WoodenSpinner Fiber by Brenda in Hot Stuff & Babbling Brook colorways. Soooooooo pretty!


And she sent me Itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson. I look forward to making some of those for my nieces & nephews as well as other babies to come in the future. :) Thanks Amy!!! ♥


Now back to knitting........

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yeah so I finished Hubby's scarf finally! Can't remember if I posted that or not & being too lazy to double check if i did. :P Then I got stuck because I have one to finish that is literally just putting the darn thing together but I have no time frame any longer on when it needs to be done by. So it's in the wait pile. I have another project that is mostly done but I don't like how it turned out so it's sitting to be finished and sent on to the person. I have my hat that I need for winter that I wanted to knit myself......since last winter. Hasn't happened yet. And i have a swap project (or a few) that I started, messed up and now need to tink it before I can do anything else. And lastly I took on the task of knitting house shoes for my father-in-law as a Christmas gift......was ok with the idea until I found out he has extra wide feet in one area only. I've only successfully knit socks for myself because I could try them on as I went. So we'll see how this works out....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The frustration......

Tub has been one little problem after another to replace. Did I mention that hubby couldn't find the spout? Yeah and of course we find it after he has bought a new one. No biggie it's returnable. But frustrating & the tub could have been done a day before. It's mostly done now - not pretty by any means but it's done......mostly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a day!

The tub - ugh! Guess hubby wasn't looking at it right last night & he drilled a hole in the wrong side for the spout to go into..... grrrr. Not to mention the walls & the tub combined didn't work well together. It was a very TIGHT squeeze to get the tub into place. Tore up the trim on my walls that wasn't right by the tub. I had to work at Jazzercise this morning so my jello arms were not carrying the tub into the room. We lucked out & had a friend who could help us come over. Then it was just up to me to remove all the things they couldn't get to because they were holding up the tub. Comedy of errors basically was the day. Get it in place & it becomes apparent that it should probably be tucked up under the walls. That's not happening because we weren't removing the walls. So hubby caulked where the tub doesn't quite meet the walls. It's not pretty but as long as it doesn't leak it'll do.

Off to clear off the bed so that I can eventually get to sleep tonight.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sinus headaches.........

Suck but laughing at my friend and I comment back & forth on her Fb status instead of texting each other is kinda funny..... And then I totally forgot that I was writing this & went to bed. /facepalm

Started that last night & now it's Friday. My email was hacked yesterday (can't remember if I blogged it & too lazy to check right now). Finally got that issue resolved this morning after MUCH frustration. Successfully contacted my employers about not being able to log-in to the payroll site. Was told something totally different than what the original email said. But hey it worked & I got logged in so I'm not complaining!

The bad of the day - our school districts busing issue! Older girls were late to school the past 2 mornings by at least 15 minutes. They have to drop off the high school kids first. Then today their bus wasn't there for almost 45 minutes. When it got there it was a preschool route driver & bus. But she got them from the school & home in 25 minutes - that's impressive with all the kids that are on that bus.

Installing a new tub in our bathroom. The old one cracked right in the middle & started to leak under into the floor. It's all ripped out now & waiting on the hubby to get all the tools he needs to start the rearranging of the pipes & junk. I get roped into helping install it when he finally gets all that stuff done. Oh joy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boston cream pie....cake?

So I'm attempting to make the above listed cake for one of the maintenance workers where I live. It's all my friends fault who happens to work with him. I made J a cake for his b-day this year as I'd said I would last year & then didn't. So when his co-worker put 2 + 2 together at the football party J had he asked for a b-day cake of his own. His b-day is today & he wants Boston cream pie cake. Took me some doing to find a recipe that I could work with but I have it started & the custard (cuz it's not right with anything else in it!) cooling in the fridge. But I'm off to work in a bit. Gotta assemble the back this afternoon while trying to juggle all the other stuff that needs to be done today. Such is my life!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump day

It's Wednesday again. My busy day of the week. Get up to exercise at Jazzercise, come home to shower, veg for about an hour, go to work, home to veg for another hour, older girls come home, start dinner, pick up youngest from Girl Scouts meeting, home to finish dinner & eat, then bowling and finally home to bed. It's crazy but it's my life lately. Used to be hubby picked up B from her meetings but with me working at Jazzercise in the mornings he has to stay home so she can get to the bus without being home by herself for at least an hour.

Tomorrow is going to be almost as much fun but only in the afternoon - kids off bus, take L for shots, home for dinner, then to church for worship team practice, older girls go to youth group, I go home & send hubby out to pick them up later. I love my life but I think I need some more down time than what I am getting. At least Wednesday night I get out & get to bowl. Not necessarily down time but it is me time & something I enjoy doing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy busy busy.......

The game yesterday was a disappointment. Well both games yesterday - football & baseball. Michigan & the Tigers lost. Then the Lions lost today. What do these things have in common? I watched part of all the games! LOL Not that this is why they lost.

Craziness! I tell you I swear that Sunday morning's are just pure crazy. Typically I do worship team first hour in the 2nd & 3rd grade room then I'm free to attend service. The last 2-3 Sundays I have been put into a small group because we are short Shepherds. No big deal seeing as that is what I do in there second hour - I have my own group. But I'm missing out on the message. Makes me greatful that I can either catch it on OPC's website or download it from iTunes. Seeing as I really don't want iTunes back on my comp I have been trying to catch it on OPC's website.

Then today we had the 'rush back home to change before heading back out to a birthday party for 2 boys' kind of afternoon. Party was good, kids had a blast & the cake was awesome. Took my knitting with me & finished Jo's mitts there to give them to her. She was so happy even if it did almost take me a year to finish them.

Hubs is driving me nuts. We have this whole lack of communication thing going on right now. On both our parts. But he has been assuming what I will think or how I'll act & then go according to that. It ticks me off when he gets me hooked on a tv show & then I find him watching it without me because 'oh you didn't seem interested in it'. Was I watching it with you? Then I'm interested. Some are more interesting than others or I'll read while watching to tire myself out. He takes that as I don't like it. Just so frustrating right now. And of course when I call him on it he gets all pissy with me about not saying anything to begin with about whatever. Vicious cycle.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Man I'm loving working out but I keep getting all these aches or shooting pains in parts of my body that normally wouldn't do that. It sucks getting older! LOL The worst offenders are my feet. Haven't twisted my ankle yet but I'm starting to wonder if the shoes I got don't work for me. Which sucks cuz I got a good deal on them & have really only used them for 15 classes. I'd hate to have to go spend more money but if it stops the pain I guess I might have to do that.

Weekend is going to be busy - MSU (Mich. State) vs. U of M (again Mich.) game is tomorrow. The game that divides my house in half with 1 who doesn't care either way. Will be heading over to a friend's house to watch the game & hang out. Should be a blast. Then Sunday I have a birthday party for my BFF's 2 son's. That was fun shopping for them as I have no boys. But hey transformers are universal right? I liked them as a kid so why wouldn't these boys - not to mention they are Lego's too. It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned! ;)

On Ravelry I've joined the Spinning 12 in 2012 group. Planning to spin my bin of Sunshine Yarns roving & extras that are in there next year on my drop spindles. Pretty sure I can do that. It'll be fun either way I think. No knitting projects worked on. Mitts for my BFF just need to cast on the thumb on the 2nd mitt & weave in the ends on both. Should be able to do that tomorrow morning before the game starts.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yeah it's been that since I last blogged.....anywhere. Lots of knitting has happened since then. New baby in the family (not mine my brother's) - A BOY!!!!!! So there are 5 girls & 1 boy grandchildren wise for my parents. A whole new kind of knitting has been opened to me - boy things. :)

What else... I've moved from working in the clubhouse at Jazzercise to actually working out because I am a class manager now. It's 3 days a week vs. 1 day twice. But I think that would kill me right now if I attempted doubles. Some of the ladies who do I swear are crazy....

We had to put our dog to sleep. :( She got sick one day & couldn't sit or lay down without needing help to get back up. She'd gotten an infection from something internal that was causing her to be sick. Then she got a fever but since we didn't know how long she'd had it most likely she had brain damage. :( So our sweet girl who was anywhere from 11 - 13 easily went peacefully & with the least pain possible. It's rough I still think that I need to let her out or back in sometimes. The cat is besides himself as his play buddy is now gone. But he's surviving & taken to attacking my screen door in attempt to get the falling leaves outside. LOL He's not the brightest cat obviously!

And it's fall here & back to school now for a month. The only issue I have with it is the new company who pays us instead of the school district. We get paid 2 weeks after the end of the pay period. I've never worked anywhere that is like that. It of course screwed up my budget for this past month but I'm learning to deal & playing catch-up where needed. Just frustrating and I know how to plan better for next school year.....when everything will be due before school even starts. ugh

Knits in progress: Bella mitts for my friend Jo - made in FFtC yarn in Bella colorway. Sackboy for Dana's cake - it's freaking huge! Hubby's scarf that is perpetually ongoing. Keep telling him that I'm going to teach him how to knit so he can finish it himself. HAHA

Kids growing like weeds. Hard to believe that I have kids in 7th, 6th & 5th grade this year. Why must they keep growing?!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm back! While I like WordPress I'm not so much into it for blogging. Seems like I used Blogger more as I am constantly on the Google page for other things. Might as well stick with what I know works right?