Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boston cream pie....cake?

So I'm attempting to make the above listed cake for one of the maintenance workers where I live. It's all my friends fault who happens to work with him. I made J a cake for his b-day this year as I'd said I would last year & then didn't. So when his co-worker put 2 + 2 together at the football party J had he asked for a b-day cake of his own. His b-day is today & he wants Boston cream pie cake. Took me some doing to find a recipe that I could work with but I have it started & the custard (cuz it's not right with anything else in it!) cooling in the fridge. But I'm off to work in a bit. Gotta assemble the back this afternoon while trying to juggle all the other stuff that needs to be done today. Such is my life!

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