Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a day!

The tub - ugh! Guess hubby wasn't looking at it right last night & he drilled a hole in the wrong side for the spout to go into..... grrrr. Not to mention the walls & the tub combined didn't work well together. It was a very TIGHT squeeze to get the tub into place. Tore up the trim on my walls that wasn't right by the tub. I had to work at Jazzercise this morning so my jello arms were not carrying the tub into the room. We lucked out & had a friend who could help us come over. Then it was just up to me to remove all the things they couldn't get to because they were holding up the tub. Comedy of errors basically was the day. Get it in place & it becomes apparent that it should probably be tucked up under the walls. That's not happening because we weren't removing the walls. So hubby caulked where the tub doesn't quite meet the walls. It's not pretty but as long as it doesn't leak it'll do.

Off to clear off the bed so that I can eventually get to sleep tonight.

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