Sunday, December 18, 2011


Has this tendency to run away from me. Crazy busy lately. Enjoying the peace of a quiet home while the kids are at their grandparents for a few days. Then back to the hub-bub of the holidays. One Christmas knitting project down - knit my FIL some slippers he could wear inside his boots for extra warmth. Onto the next projects - 2 Maddox the Mischievous monsters for my nieces & a Grumpasaurus for my nephew.

Got an awesome gift from my friend Amy sent me an awesome Christmas gift this year. I got 2 batts of fiber to spin from WoodenSpinner Fiber by Brenda in Hot Stuff & Babbling Brook colorways. Soooooooo pretty!


And she sent me Itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson. I look forward to making some of those for my nieces & nephews as well as other babies to come in the future. :) Thanks Amy!!! ♥


Now back to knitting........