Wednesday, July 29, 2009

yay for knitting!

the dress for madelyn was a hit and should fit her. i actually did my first little bit of crochet around the edges and it didn't look too bad! then i made my blue hobo or mary poppins bag using the grrrlfriend market bag pattern and some sugar and cream yarn i had just sitting around. made a mini one as a gift and am currently working on the drop scarf version of the clapotis. which i have to fix some boo-boos on right now so back to it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's done.....

But I can't share it least not yet I promise there will eventually be pics shared of my mom's Christmas gift. :) It looks so pretty and dried fast from the blocking that really brought out the pattern so well.

I have since moved on to birthday knitting.....which really is last minute knitting because Madelyn's birthday is Saturday.


But really I already had a gift ready for her - it was requested that I make another Bunny Blanket Buddy a while back from my brother. Because the one I made for her sister Keira - is Maddy's favorite toy! hehe I just so happened to already have a blue/periwinkle one sitting here sans face and told him so. He however requested that it 'has to have the scary face on it like the other one' - he quoted my words back to me after I told him it was faceless. :) So I have to getthe face on it but I wanted to make a little cotton dress for her like I did for Keira. Using my Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in Aubugerine I cast on the Bella Colour Toddler Jumper (Ravelry link).

The sad part was I cast on while watching kids at the Jazzercise club house since they were mostly older kids entertaining themselves. I did so before I realized I did not have a row counter or a stitch marker to my name with me. >.< So I made so by using my ring as a stitch marker and got to second row. Now to get back to it so I can hopefully get it done by the party time. We might not be going :( so I might have more time but I'm hoping to get it done by Saturday just the same.