Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wait what?

So today we had a meeting with all the lunch supervisors that are coming back this year to discuss the change in lunch times. Seeing as we have over 650 kids in the school, 14 long tables (1 designated peanut free), and the changes in time starting had made it something to puzzle over. We found out today that the way our principal worked it so that it goes along with the limit on how many kids can be in the cafeteria at once per the fire marshall - there will only be a 5 minute overlap of the grades.

How does this change our work schedules? Well we now are no longer all coming in at the same time and working together. We picked grades and we will come in 10 minutes before that grade comes to lunch and then be there for 2 hours. We are to clean as much as possible after coming in from recess before we have to leave. And those with the lower grades will do the mopping and the rest of the cleaning. Good in theory but we'll miss chatting with each other and this kinda eliminates us going out to lunch after work. Maybe we'll have to get together before or something. I took 1st grade as I don't work Wednesday's at the school and then the lunch lady who works Kindergarten who has no kids on Wednesday's will work my grade for me.

So now I work from 12 - 2 pm - darn this later start time but hey I don't really have any thing going on during the day. It'll just take some time getting used to. Hopefully the kids won't be too bad - I subbed in the Kindergarten lunch last year so I know a lot of them. But the thing that got me was not only are the start times changed but we start a day earlier and end a day later! They added two full days to the school year this year. Somehow I'd caught the ending date change but not the start date - they go back next Tuesday not Wednesday! ACK! I thought I had one more day - nope! So the kids are going to be so frickin' tired next week once school starts. Ugh so am I. We may start later but the girl who comes over in the mornings so I can get her on the bus will be here at 6:15 am. The bus doesn't come until 8:28 am. BLEH! I'm gonna need me some really good green tea really soon. ;)

Knitting - Amy's b-day sock colorway has been revealed. She couldn't wait and I wanted to see if she could guess it - she did. :) Weasleys Wizard Wheezes from Sunshine Yarns was the colorway - she gets rainbow socks! And I repeat Amy if they are too big - send them back and I'll keep them! hehe ;)

Started my Ishbel in Emmett from Sunshine Yarns on the way to Michigan's Adventure with the in-laws. Have finished chart A and working on chart B once I get the lifeline in.

And now it's bed time since I need to get up and be to the Jazzercise Clubhouse tomorrow by 10 am. First morning of back to back work there. Should be interesting and I guess I have to figure out what we are doing in between the first and the second class times. Maybe a picnic lunch in the park tomorrow. Really don't feel like driving home in between.....