Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mother Nature needs to up her meds

For the past month and a half every time the weather changes my allergies go crazy. Sometimes it's as little as a headache or migraine. Other times I'm in bed hiding from the world because my head is so full of snot I'm not fit to be around others. This has caused a lapse in my reading and reviewing. I'm attempting to play catch up over the next few days but I have quite a few books to review that I didn't think to write down my thoughts on while sick. Today is yet another headache day but I am powering through and getting reviews up once again.

I've found that I'm also in a knitting slump. Which sucks as I am spoiling the most awesome person I know and can't tell you who that is. I have stalked them and plotted what to send but the actual knitting and buying of items has been waylaid. By what you ask - JV soccer. My oldest has finally tried out for a sport and wouldn't you know it we have to buy things for it! So buying for other things is on hold until that is done and my bowling fees are current. Ha so basically no new cool things until May-ish. Which is of course when I will be getting my hair done once again and potentially getting a new tattoo with my girl cousins.

Living paycheck to paycheck sucks behind.....I was going to say sometime but no it's really all the time. But enough ranting about that. I've noticed that the stat count on this blog is up, and it seems to be because of the review blog - thanks for stopping by if that is the case. :)