Friday, October 14, 2011


Man I'm loving working out but I keep getting all these aches or shooting pains in parts of my body that normally wouldn't do that. It sucks getting older! LOL The worst offenders are my feet. Haven't twisted my ankle yet but I'm starting to wonder if the shoes I got don't work for me. Which sucks cuz I got a good deal on them & have really only used them for 15 classes. I'd hate to have to go spend more money but if it stops the pain I guess I might have to do that.

Weekend is going to be busy - MSU (Mich. State) vs. U of M (again Mich.) game is tomorrow. The game that divides my house in half with 1 who doesn't care either way. Will be heading over to a friend's house to watch the game & hang out. Should be a blast. Then Sunday I have a birthday party for my BFF's 2 son's. That was fun shopping for them as I have no boys. But hey transformers are universal right? I liked them as a kid so why wouldn't these boys - not to mention they are Lego's too. It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned! ;)

On Ravelry I've joined the Spinning 12 in 2012 group. Planning to spin my bin of Sunshine Yarns roving & extras that are in there next year on my drop spindles. Pretty sure I can do that. It'll be fun either way I think. No knitting projects worked on. Mitts for my BFF just need to cast on the thumb on the 2nd mitt & weave in the ends on both. Should be able to do that tomorrow morning before the game starts.

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