Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy busy busy.......

The game yesterday was a disappointment. Well both games yesterday - football & baseball. Michigan & the Tigers lost. Then the Lions lost today. What do these things have in common? I watched part of all the games! LOL Not that this is why they lost.

Craziness! I tell you I swear that Sunday morning's are just pure crazy. Typically I do worship team first hour in the 2nd & 3rd grade room then I'm free to attend service. The last 2-3 Sundays I have been put into a small group because we are short Shepherds. No big deal seeing as that is what I do in there second hour - I have my own group. But I'm missing out on the message. Makes me greatful that I can either catch it on OPC's website or download it from iTunes. Seeing as I really don't want iTunes back on my comp I have been trying to catch it on OPC's website.

Then today we had the 'rush back home to change before heading back out to a birthday party for 2 boys' kind of afternoon. Party was good, kids had a blast & the cake was awesome. Took my knitting with me & finished Jo's mitts there to give them to her. She was so happy even if it did almost take me a year to finish them.

Hubs is driving me nuts. We have this whole lack of communication thing going on right now. On both our parts. But he has been assuming what I will think or how I'll act & then go according to that. It ticks me off when he gets me hooked on a tv show & then I find him watching it without me because 'oh you didn't seem interested in it'. Was I watching it with you? Then I'm interested. Some are more interesting than others or I'll read while watching to tire myself out. He takes that as I don't like it. Just so frustrating right now. And of course when I call him on it he gets all pissy with me about not saying anything to begin with about whatever. Vicious cycle.

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