Friday, October 21, 2011

Sinus headaches.........

Suck but laughing at my friend and I comment back & forth on her Fb status instead of texting each other is kinda funny..... And then I totally forgot that I was writing this & went to bed. /facepalm

Started that last night & now it's Friday. My email was hacked yesterday (can't remember if I blogged it & too lazy to check right now). Finally got that issue resolved this morning after MUCH frustration. Successfully contacted my employers about not being able to log-in to the payroll site. Was told something totally different than what the original email said. But hey it worked & I got logged in so I'm not complaining!

The bad of the day - our school districts busing issue! Older girls were late to school the past 2 mornings by at least 15 minutes. They have to drop off the high school kids first. Then today their bus wasn't there for almost 45 minutes. When it got there it was a preschool route driver & bus. But she got them from the school & home in 25 minutes - that's impressive with all the kids that are on that bus.

Installing a new tub in our bathroom. The old one cracked right in the middle & started to leak under into the floor. It's all ripped out now & waiting on the hubby to get all the tools he needs to start the rearranging of the pipes & junk. I get roped into helping install it when he finally gets all that stuff done. Oh joy!

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