Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump day

It's Wednesday again. My busy day of the week. Get up to exercise at Jazzercise, come home to shower, veg for about an hour, go to work, home to veg for another hour, older girls come home, start dinner, pick up youngest from Girl Scouts meeting, home to finish dinner & eat, then bowling and finally home to bed. It's crazy but it's my life lately. Used to be hubby picked up B from her meetings but with me working at Jazzercise in the mornings he has to stay home so she can get to the bus without being home by herself for at least an hour.

Tomorrow is going to be almost as much fun but only in the afternoon - kids off bus, take L for shots, home for dinner, then to church for worship team practice, older girls go to youth group, I go home & send hubby out to pick them up later. I love my life but I think I need some more down time than what I am getting. At least Wednesday night I get out & get to bowl. Not necessarily down time but it is me time & something I enjoy doing.

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