Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I got a package!

Thank you secret pal!!!!!

My mailman just knocked on my door - this usually means that there is a package for us that won't fit in the mailbox, etc. Sure enough I open the door to find a Loopy Ewe box inside my door - WOOT!

sept2 004

So of course I tore it open with the camera in hand to snap pics of my goodies. I got some Soak with sock yarn samples - both very pretty colorways. Not to mention nice to pet. :D

sept2 007

A Keychain Sock Blocker. I've been looking and looking at this a couple of time because it looks too cute! Plus being a new sock knitting addict it will help me practice for smaller feet. hehe

sept2 006

And last but not least some absolutely LOVELY Trekking Hand Art yarn in 504 Brazil colorway.

sept2 009

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Rebecca said...

What a nice package - it's always fun to get stuff from The Loopy Ewe.

My cat gets right next the the counter, usually in front of where I stand, and if I don't drop something quickly, starts trying to climb up the cabinets. He gets shooed a lot, but he still keeps at it. He is such a beggar. He loves dairy, not meat so much.