Wednesday, October 15, 2008


BBBII (bunny blanket buddy 2) was finished last night at knit night. I love that it is a super quick project and that if I have everything with me can be finished in a half a day tops. Now to just get it to Em and Josh for their son. :) I planned to work on my second socks second sock but I left my row counter at home and since I am on the heel repeats I wasn't going to mess with it unless I knew where I am. Even then I can't remember if I moved it up after finishing the last repeat or not. *sigh* might have to frog to the beginning to make sure......good thing I am only on the 4th maybe 5th repeat.

This of course meant that I HAD to work on hubby's scarf since I brought it with me and short of starting a new set of wash clothes to finish the owl had to be done. I got most of the way back to where I was when I first frogged it. I'll take pics later today so that I can get them on here and Now I must get back to fundraising calls.....oh joy!

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