Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 2

Quick drive by posting this morning as I'll be spending all day as a school slave. The first day of many this week. It's lap-a-thon time - our fundraiser. I slacked off on the volunteers this year so I have to fill in a ton of slots myself. I really am thinking this year will be the last year that I chair this position on the PTO. I just dropped too many balls this past month for it. I even forgot to send out the reminder notes this past week. I could send them out today but that doesn't mean that everyone will get them in time for their shifts. I'm still not looking forward to being there all day and then working during lunch. I bought some adult lunchables - basically the same thing but with 2 meats and and AndesTM mint in it - YUM! Ok time to pack my lunch and get the obnoxiously already ready kids out the door.

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