Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 6

Well out of the 101 things this seems to be the one I am working on the most. Outside of knitting and reading that is.....I have cookies in my house again. home made sugar cookies that I am supposed to make frosting for. My sis-in-law comes down every year around Christmas and makes cookies that we take to the cookie exchange for the teachers. This year she came down early because she was having problems with her laptop and needed her big brother to fix it. She decided to either make cookies and we frost them while she waited or carve pumpkins. In true J fashion she brought stuff for both. So now I have about 3 dozen cookies to frost and 3 pumpkins to carve tonight. I'm not complaining about the pumpkins......much......I wasn't going to buy them this year or at least not 1 for all the girls. So that was good that she got them for them. :) But in making the cookies here - she killed my hand-mixer. Mine you it's about 10 years old now since it was a wedding gift. Truthfully it's been dieing for a while now but I hadn't used it since maybe last year this time. But darnit now I have to get kitchen stuff for Christmas instead of yarn! :( Sadly I'll have to buy it before then because I'll need it for the cookie exchanges in December! UGH! It's raining here can you tell?!?!?!?

Well back to the shawl since I need it soon. Hopefully it will go faster once I finally stop messing it up. >.>

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