Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 7

Can I just say UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first.........there I feel better now.

So Halloween was yesterday and as a school employee, the lunch ladies had to dress in theme as well. This years theme was superheroes. We decided as soon as we heard the theme to be - wait for it - super lunch ladies. A stretch I know but we got creative with it. We wore our "lunch lady" blinged shirts from the talent show last year, made capes out of the super pretty blue trash bags we have and wore black masks. And yes I continued to wear everything but the orange vest to my kids parties that afternoon. Only because the 4th grade teachers were super safeties and needed them for their costumes. :) I'm second from the right.

the super lunch lady brigade

The girls this year were a ballerina (same as last year but a better costume), a princess and Tinkerbell.....but at the last minute she decided to be a different fairy - on that doesn't fly or something like that from the disney books.

the hams in the sun

And lastly I went out today to find shoes for Amy's wedding.....that is next week. I know I should have had them before now but I was slacking off. Even with that I managed to find a great pair of shoes in the hour I spent looking at 3 stores. The best part, other than they fit me is that the bottom is a rubber sole - so they are non-slip. Dancing here I come! LOL

1031 072

1031 075

But before I got those this morning was drama with B again. All of the girls have their ears pierced and I will put earrings in every now and again to keep the holes open. Well I recently put some earrings in B's ears for that purpose. Evidently she pushed the backs ALL the way up as close as possible on the back of her ear. Then this morning she comes to me and says that she had been feeling on her earring and now the earring is INSIDE her ear. Yup the ball part had managed to work its way into her earlobe. EWWWWWWWW! I took out the other earring because she had crammed the back up that far too. I managed to get the earring back through her ear and out the correct way without damaging her ear worse than she had done. I'll spare you the gorey details but it was pretty gross for a while after I put the bacitracin ointment on it. Needless to say none of the girls are now allowed to put any earrings in (L had helped her put earrings in about a month ago) and B will not be wearing earrings in the next month or so until I find some that won't go through the holes.

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Meg said...

Love the shoes! the ear drama is too much - hope she heals quickly!