Saturday, November 22, 2008

day 12

This week my van tried to die on me. Wednesday morning I went to drive the kids to school and had no power steering. I made it all the way to the school since one of the girls had to finish homework so we missed the bus. Driving was fun even though I worked my arms turning. Got there and called the hubby to tell him what was going on. then headed home since I was still in my pjs. :) The last time I had this much trouble steering my van I killed the water pump about a year ago. This time it was the belt tentioner (sp courtesy of hubby so I don't know if right lol) and of course my belt was shot too. So hubby come home and had a look then had me drive him back to work. That way I could get to work too. I priced the parts and total it would be around $85 to fix it.

We got the parts today and hubby fixed it and it works again yay! It's nice to have my van back again for at least now. Hopefully in the next year we can replace mine with a new used vehicle and I'll not have these problems again. YAY!

Knitting - I am trying to make a variation of the Leftover Dishtowel with the Owl dishcloth pattern at the bottom. It's to go with the Owl dishcloths I made for my Aunt. So far it's going pretty good as long as I continue to read correctly when I remake the pattern. :) I also have made a mini sock. It's sooooooo tiny and cute looking! Plus the colors ended up striping on the tiny sock. I figured out that if I went up a size on the needles that maybe it'll fit better on the sock blocker keychain than my first one did. But I messed up on the heel of the newer one and kinda haven't gotten back to it yet. Now to get back to thinking up good themed packages for my pal....... :D

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