Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 9 ......well really my weekend

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This past Thursday I went to MO to visit Amy to be in her wedding. Let me tell you getting there was an adventure and I started to wonder if I would make it at all. The hubby had all of Thursday off to take me to the airport and to get the kids from the bus. We dropped his car at his uncles to get the tires replaced and decided - for some silly reason like I had more gas - to drive mine to Toledo airport. Yeah, my van the 1995 Chevy that I am not even allowed to drive to Lansing in, we drove that. Got just outside Ann Arbor and my van overheated. Of course. That was around 10:30 am. According to everything I read and NWA's site said I needed to be at the airport at about 11:30 for my 1:30 flight. We got back to his uncle's shop to switch cars at 11:45. We were doing fine until about 13 miles outside the Ohio/Michigan border when we ran into construction. There went the 15 minutes we gained in driving smoothly. I had before getting to his uncle's shop called NWA and asked what would happen if I missed my TOL leg of the flight - it would cancel my ticket. UGH! And to rebook me out that day OR Friday would be $1500 for a flight from DTW to Springfield. But she reassured me that since I had already checked-in online and since I was only taking one bag with me - my carry-on - that I should be good to go. Just to have everything ready when I got to security and book it to the gate.

We got to the airport at 1:04 and boarding time was 1:07. Security was just inside the door and I had my book out with boarding pass and ID ready. Put my stuff in the bins after removing my quart size baggie of little bottles. Got through security, packed back up and went up the stairs. To the gate that was right there for me to get right on the plane because they had started to board as I started up the stairs. Talk about good timing. We flew a total of 17 minutes back to DTW for my connection flight to SGF (I know silly but I saved money even with the driving around we did). Got off at one gate and only had to go a few over to make the connection. I grabbed some lunch to eat and then waited. We boarded when it was time and got to the airport a little early but had to wait because NWA must only have one gate at SGF. But Amy was waiting and we took off.

The weekend was great - filled with tons of good jokes - frenched toes - Amy was beautiful in her dress. Mine was a little big, but it's ok. The bridal party dance was hilarious thanks to my fellow bridesmaid. The guys didn't know how to dance so we switched and danced with each other then switched to opposite guys. :) Amy and I serenaded each other during the grease mega-mix on the summer lovin' portion. All in all it was a blast and I can't wait to get back for another visit because now I really miss hanging out with her. I hadn't seen Amy since we graduated back in '98. But we have been online chat buddies since around the time she and her new hubby got together. But chatting online and hanging out together isn't always the same. And I got the bestest gifts ever for being her maid of honor - hehe that confused everyone! But matron of honor sounds so old! I got some clear sketchers that I can show off my knitted socks with, some stitch markers that Amy made for me, some beautiful yellow Tofutsies, COFFEE - some Mocha and Irish Cream from Gevalia, a pretty project bag and lastly while we were out shopping with her mom I got some pretty roving and a spindle. I also got some dpn's, some soak samples and a Kid's can knit book so maybe the monsters will be inspired to actually sit with their knitting longer than a few minutes. Isn't it all pretty!

amywedding 001

amywedding 004

amywedding 013

The flight home was going to be uneventful until we noticed at about 2 that it was delayed. UGH! we got to the airport and were told to get right in because the flight was doing a quick stop before turning around and heading right back out. Well it ended up being on time but then once we taxied toward the runway we had to wait for the weight numbers to come in. And the computer had gone down. It was down a good 20 minutes before we finally got in the air. So I was a little late getting home not to mention that I was wearing flip-flops and came home to snow - dreaded 4 letter word!

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Amy said...

Awww! :)

You just want to go back to Simply Fibers! :D

It was a super fun time, even with the fam here.