Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 13 & Happy Thanksgiving

Happy turkey day for those celebrating it today in or out of the US.

I will be gone for most of the weekend as I was asked to stay with my in-laws until Saturday evening. All that to have a big girls lunch with my mil, sil and cousin. Meh. Good news though I'll be getting a new harddrive if I get out early enough on Friday morning. We need more space for tv shows! hehe Also I'll be getting a 17' LCD flat panel computer monitor from the MSU surplus store - score! I'll have DESK space to actually write on! Then the hubbster can have back this big HUGE honking moniter that he forced on my desk (a 21"er).

So yesterday I got to spinning on my roving that I got from Amy. Pictures below are of the make-shift spindle holder to wind the yarn around a chair. I got approximately 54 yards out of the 4 ozs of roving. Mostly thick but thin in some places (once I figured out what the heck I should be doing).

myyarn 001

This is the yarn when I put it in to soak and set the twist.
myyarn 004

This would be the final product this morning drying next to my computer desk. :) I LOVE this yarn!
myyarn 005

And now we are off to visit the families and to be away from the internet *sobs* for the next few days. I messed up my laptop or else I'd take it with me. *sigh* Have a good one!


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Meg said...

Your yarn is beautiful! Thanks for your prayers - Grandma is doing much better now.