Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 10 or Conferences UGH

For the most part today's conferences for the girls were good information. I heard that L won't/doesn't lie to her teacher, can multitask and is not getting into as much trouble with her best friend as I would have thought. At least not in class - at lunch that is a whole different story. Grade wise she is great and reading ahead of where the projected level for that grade would normally be. Nothing new for any of my kids there - they all like to read. But we have to work on subtraction and her teacher suggested using flash cards and playing war with them. We will try this soon.

J'c conference came next. This is my UGH of the day. She is doing great and her grades would be higher if she had turned in her homework. I went 'wha........?' Every night we have asked do you have any homework or is it all done. And the answer has been yes. For the last 3 weeks nothing t has bee nturned in. When her teacher asked her why - she claimed to not have enough time to do the work. WHAT?! She has one activity she is in - Girl Scouts and then has some chores to do after school. She told me she lost one of the packets and between chores and running around to get her sisters from after school meetings she didn't have enough time to get the packets done. Ok they are sent home on Tue. and Fri. for the 2 subjects. The only day we go out after school is Wed. and her meetings are Thur. night. I fail to see how she didn't have enough time to complete them. Oh and her losing them - found them all in her room. She has now completed most of them with the exception of what is due next Tue.

Lastly B - great grades, loves her friends and cares about others in her class. But gets easily distracted with making sure they are paying attention or can hear/see etc. that she ends up not paying attention herself. Evidently her writing has come a LONG way since the forced journals in kindergarten. But when asked to read something in front of the class she talks really softly and cannot be heard.


On to knitting news - I am almost done with the toe on my spring forward socks. Next project will be a dishcloth for the dishcloth swap our knit night will be hosting. And I have to get to scheming on ideas for my secret pal for this round. Not to mention Christmas gifts if I knit any. I think my brain is going to melt right now so I am heading to bed.

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