Saturday, June 14, 2008


As I type now my computer is being fixed on the other side of my living room and I am on hubby's spare at my desk. YAY!!!! Hopefully no more LAG for everything. In a little while here I have to head out to get some groceries, come back to grab the middle monkey, take her to her Girl Scout end of year party, then get some more groceries/come home to pack for travel, then get her at 3:45 EST/EDT (still can't remember which we are in!) to then head to Laingsburg for the anniversary party and eventually drive back home tonight. This is when having some of those knit-lites needles would come in handy. Because the last time I tried to knit in the car at night I ended up having to frog about 6 rows after I realized I'd screwed it up.

So my KIP for WWKIP day will be knitting in the car and possibly at the anniversary party later tonight. I plan to finish Becca's scarf on the way up **crosses fingers** and then get started on either Calorimetry or my scarf to go with it in the Noro I bought. Both use US 8 needles so I can only do one at a time as I only have one pair at the moment. But I've discovered that when I have more than on WIP I don't work on them. I have to concentrate on one thing at a time if I want to finish it. Trust me there are a ton of projects I'd love to get started working on but then it will be like some of my cross stitch that is laying around......still there and not done yet. hehe And we can't have that - it's just not right! ;)

Hopefully hubby can get my comp fixed before we have to leave otherwise I continue to steal his until tomorrow. Muwahahaha! But we are heading up to Lansing for a last minute invite to dinner for Father's day bu his parents. They are bribing us with ribs.....mmmmmmmm. Evil that means I can't knit afterward unless I really clean well. Dilemma! But now I need to make some more stitch markers so that I have some of my own for Calorimetry because it requires 2 to make it. Have a great weekend Jland!

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