Saturday, June 7, 2008

New yarn!

So I had gone to Border's yesterday with the girls to get one of their teacher's gift card for the end of year gift. While I was there I looked around the kids section to see what they had in the way of knitting kits. I found Klutz Knitting. It is a kit made by Klutz that comes with a book that has 6 patterns in it, yarn, a pair of size 8 10" wooden needles, a F crochet hook, a tapestry needle, two buttons and a carrying case. Cute - but not for $24.95 USD. Besides I'd still have to buy 2 other pairs of needles, buttons and yarn for the other girls. They all of course have voiced the want to learn how to knit. It all started when my MIL taught the girls finger crocheting. Then they wanted to learn how to crochet. I told them they'd have to wait until I figure that one out first. :) So I got to thinking - I bet I can find the book at the library for those patterns...... Sure enough I did and have it on transfer from another branch as of this morning.

Then I decided to check out my LYS as I had not been there yet since discovering it. I went to The Knitting Den in South Lyon and found some beautiful Noro Slik Garden in colorway 3 (Purple, Blue, Green & Brown) & 6 (Green, Teal/Aqua, Pink) . I bought 2 of each color as they were having a sale that made then only cost me $4.99 USD. WOOT! I bought 3 pairs of single point size 8 9" long bamboo needles for my girls to use when I teach them and point covers. I realized after opening them at home that they were for circular needles - oops! they still fit thought and eventually I hope to have some circular needles too. Julia was with me and picked out her first yarn. Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry colorway 7017 Indigo Blues. Very pretty and i'll post pics later once I have charged batteries in my camera. :) But hey as I was shopping I realized that accidently teaching myself to knit left handed will come in handy as my youngest Becca is left handed! Now to just learn left handed purling and she will be all set. ;)

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