Friday, June 13, 2008

Head hurts much......

So last night setting up the stage with props actually meant painting the props indoors......with regular paint. And me being a creative person I painted a LOT of the props (foam surfboards and palm trees). And now feel like I have a hangover - and I wasn't even drinking! I left at 10:45 last night and was still slightly awake because someone bought me a coffee drink (yummy chocolate, coffee, snicker cooler goodness!) that wile I wanted it probably wasn't the best thing to have knowing I was tired and needed sleep. I fell asleep at 12 after reading a while.

So here it is 1:30 EST or is it EDT right now.....can't think. And I have this huge headache and just want to crawl into bed. I think I will soon too but only after having some tea, maybe that will help me feel better. Yum tea......Herbal tea
Eating didn't I felt like I was about to send it all back up but I knew I needed the food. Shoot it is past my lunch time.....I should eat....but I don't know what., tea, and sleep are on my agenda for today. And maybe some knitting soon too. All depends on how I am feeling later. Plus there is the grocery shopping that I really should be doing but I'm not venturing anywhere with this headache.

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