Wednesday, June 25, 2008

QOW # 3

Question of the week is: What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

For me it is what I can safely fit in my house without being yelled at by DH for having more crap in the house. LOL If you know me you know this is true - I am a pack rat. I have things from elementary school still - from when I went. My excuse is that I plan to scrapbook them someday. But that is another space taker here.....all my scrapbooking supplies. I think the last time I really did anything with my stuff was to make a gift for my one of the kids teachers about 2 years ago.

So I guess that means if I rid myself of the extras that are not used anymore....... >.>
I'd have more room for my stash! I think we just motivated me to clean house! LOL

Seriously, the perfect amount would be having enough for your current projects, what you need for at least 3 more and then some odds and ends thrown in. Place all that in clear containers to see what you have and you are set. And in all seriousness I think I am cleaning house of old stuff. it needs to go and I don't/can't/won't use it.


Amy said...

HA! :)

3 more projects? Hmm.

But I can't turn down pretty yarn for $1 a skein!! I think i need a bigger box...

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I don't let me hubby comment on the amount of yarn I have as I don't comment on the amount of hockey cards he collects.... fair? :)