Monday, June 2, 2008

Kids.......are going to kill me!

Well the picnic on Saturday was fine other than the kids pigged out on EVERYTHING they could get their hands on. We left the park and went to Mike's parent's house for him to fix a computer issue. Which of course made us late for the game because dad had to talk about anything and everything under the sun in the little time we really didn't have. Grandma had decided as we were trying to leave that we needed a group shot - then everyone had to go to the bathroom so it took us an half hour longer to leave the park than we'd wanted. Which meant Mike's boss and our friends were waiting outside Lugnuts stadium for us as we had their tickets. Oops.....someone forgot to let us know about the construction right by the stadium so we had to take a detour to where we parked. The game was good - withe the exception of the fat that Mike's work the guys NEVER sit in their own seats. This is the second year we have come to the game and had to sit in other peoples seats who then come back and have to sit somewhere else. The one group got really loud about us sitting in their spot - well hey we had 9 seats that we only got 4 of them so sorry but shut it was my thoughts. I was in the row in front of hubby and kids with my friend Emily. Her hubby had gone to the bathroom to change their son and what happens.......My youngest being cold (I'm not going there they were all told to bring extra pants to change into and didn't) tucked her legs up into her jacket. Then she must have rocked forward on the bench and because her legs and arms were mostly in the jacket proceeded to bash her mouth on the bench back in front of her. UGH! Yup, fat lip. Yup, blood everywhere. Yup, only noticed later the chipped tooth. Yup, bit the inside of her lip but the First Aid (provided by Sparrow Hospital up the street - THANK YOU!!!!) missed when cleaning her up and getting her an ice pack.


It is a little puffy there but was still bleeding a little. Mainly because Lily was holding the ice pack in a way that made all the cold liquid not sit on her lip. She got up the next morning the lip was twice the size, had bleed some more and looked like it was puss filled. So Mike decided he was taking her to the Dr. Of course he decided this on the day we switch insurance through his company. They only thing I knew about it was the in-house plan name that was provided to us, our copay amount, that we were still with the same company and that our out of pockets expenses are now ridiculously high. Luckily the Dr said no infection just a normal body reaction and prescribed a medication that was free through our Meijer pharmacy - yay! You can see the chipped tooth in this one.


But it doesn't end there. We went to a potluck dinner at a friends house and Becca gets in the door says her tummy hurts. She'd said this before we had left. But this time says she thinks she is going to throw up. Sure enough we got her into the bathroom just in time and she threw up 3 times. Ate a bun and some chip with water and then ran around playing like nothing had happened. Of course she still complained that her tummy hurt last night and thsi morning. Iu kept her home from school gave her some kids pepto and made her rest. Oh the joys of kids.

The one nice thing about last night was as we watched pictures of our friends trip to Denver I sat and knit on Becca's scarf for a little bit. One of our other friends came over and looked at it and commented on my stitches being beautiful. I have no clue, I just work the project until it's done. :) But she crochets so we got to talking. She is left handed and tried to hire someone to teach her to knit but all she could manage was to purl. I had somehow managed to teach myself to knit lefthanded when I first started. lol So I thought about it later and if I can teach her how to knit lefthanded maybe she can teach me to purl lefthanded and I can be an ambidexterous knitter. hehehe

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