Sunday, June 22, 2008


Quick blog before I have to dash out of the house feeling like crap for church. I broke my glasses yesterday. I'm so mad. Stinkin' earpiece broke right in two and they are only about 2 months old now. Got them at the end of April so not even 2 months yet. But now I have to go in and see if they can be fixed. Luckily my script is so small that I have some drugstore readers that I bought ages ago and are my current script for glasses. How'd that work out you ask. Now here is the tricky part - I can see far away just fine so that makes me far sighted right? I can never remember. Well my script is for reading, crafting, sitting at the computer, etc. anything up close. The previous one was .75 - You can't but that in the store. So I bought a 1.00 to have something on hand when I forgot my glasses at home. This was back in 2005 when I was working an hour away from home. And guess what since I had gotten the other glasses (.75 script) in the many times I went back over the years my eyes never changed. So I hadn't been to the doc for my eyes in the past 3 years or so. But I was using the old script until it started giving m headaches. Then I started using the readers and no headaches. So I went to the eye doc and sure enough it had gone up to 1.00 and I got new glasses. And those are the ones I break - the almost $100 pair not the $24.99 pair that is 3 years old. Ugh I give up. Gotta run. Later Jland.

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