Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In reply....

Because I was bad and just noticed the comment after posting the last post....LOL I have no plans for the Noro at the moment. I saw it on Ravelry and wanted to try it because the colorway I saw 264 was sooooooooo pretty in the scarf someone was making: here- So I looked online and found out my LYS (The Knitting Den, South Lyon, MI) carried Noro and ventured out there. And as luck would have it I went the day that they were having a sale and got a great deal ($4.99 USD per skein of yarn. WOOT!). So I picked up some colorways I like as I didn't see 264 there and brought them home. I like yarn that is more than one color like the Noro and the others I have posted on Ravelry. The end product is always different and so pretty when you combine the colors into a project. It's like knitting with more than one color but without the hassle of joining the next color ball. :)

Most likely they will become a scarf.....because I really only know how to make those right now or maybe I'll venture into something else like Calorimetry: I thought this looked really neat and want to make them to match the girls scarves once I finish them all.

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