Thursday, June 5, 2008


Is totally overrated and I have lost mine (ok ok so it was really gon a LONG time ago but I've had it now). The girls have less than one week left of school to go before vacation and already they are driving me crazy. Not to mention all the crap that has to be done this week because I was suckered into room mom duties for my older two girls classes. ARGH! Julia's class is doing a surprise memory book for the teacher. Great no probs there - my co-roommom organized this whole thing. Then one of the parents in Lily's class piped up and said "what a cute idea! We should do that too since it is the teacher's first year here!" I thought great, yeah no sorry not doing this because I already had other stuff planned and you waited until there was one week left BEFORE their party date and end of school to come up with the idea. They decided to get it done themselves. Sure go for it I think to myself while silently screaming because it is one more thing that I volunteer to help get any stragglers on. UGH! Just say NO. ::bangs head on wall::

I feel like I am PMSing but I know its not that. Its the diet....I am trying to lose weight (and slowly doing it) but man I miss real food and I didn't eat enough today. Because I was bad and skipped breakfast to get a shower when I was called in to sub today. Ok enough venting I smell food.......its dinner time. :)

Oh and on the knitting front. I took Becca's scarf with me yesterday to her end of year picnic party. While I followed her around the school to stations (we were rained out so we came inside) I knit when she was in the same area for 2 stations. One of the teachers came over and talked to me about knitting because she is a knitter too. Then the last station that we were in the gym for some kids came over to me instead of the ladies ruinning the station and asked me "are we knitting here?" LOL I thought it was so cute but I was also impressed that the first grade boy knew what I was doing.

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