Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My computer has been acting up a lot lately. My hubby suggested unintsalling and reinstaling windows and formatting the disk drive. This of course requires me to figure out if I have all my internet passwords written down somewhere, transfer files to another disk drive and try to backup those that cannot be transfered easily. I think I have done most of this now. So that means that tonight I might potentially be without a computer. However, this means I get to steal one of hubby's comps to use despite if he likes it or not. >:-D Yes comps - we are a very computer oriented family. If my handy dandy laptop.....thought I was going to say notebook didn't you? LOL....was working I'd use that. But evidently leaving it on, even with being plugged in, 24/7 will make it not work anymore. It is old and if the stinking battery would charge long enough for me to get the thing to recognize the new fan I put in it might work again. My other alternative is to buy a new battery (which it probably needs anyway) or/and a new AC adaptor cord. But outside of that we have 5 computers in the house plus the non-working laptop. 1 is mine, 1 is the kids, 2 are hubbys and the last is a server that he has been working on building to store files on.

On the knitting front - still working on Becca's scarf. And she is getting inpatient to have it finished. Which is odd because it is 80+ degrees here today - no need for a scarf. But the faster I get hers done the faster I can move on to another project. Most likely another scarf. LOL Hey they are quick to work on and will make great Christmas gifts when I get them finished. Plus I am excited to head to my library on Friday. The Klutz Kids Knitting book that comes in a kit with all kids need to learn to knit, the one I saw at borders for $24.99 USD, is waiting for me to pick it up. Some quick simple projects that I can learn and then teach the girls once they get the hang of knitting. Julia so far is the only on knitting.....because she was grounded and had nothing else to do. hehehe But she is just doing a row at a time of garter stitch and has maybe 4 rows done. She was getting frustrated with it because I evidently didn't show her well enough how to slip the finished stitch off the one needle and onto the other. So it looked wrong to her and we had tears because of it. I guess I was moving too fast when I showed her. I think I will knit the next project continental/picker/left handed so I can brush up on the basics and be able to teach the youngest later. Which if I had listened to my father-in-law and made her right handed I'd not have this problem. Honestly I never did anything to make the girls pick which hand to use - I just let them start feeding themselves when they got old enough and the either continued to use that hand, switched constantly, or like Becca used one for eating and the other for writing. But i think she is either using both for eating now or switched to left only. Can't remember, will have to watch her eat dinner. hehe

I'd love to make something that has an Owl in the pattern for my Aunt, the one who knits things for everyone. She loves Owls, has a ton of them decorating her house. I wonder if I can find a scarf pattern for that....and have little owls decorating it. Probably better off getting some fabric and making her a scarf or something that way. Oh Oh I know I have the bag pattern from the back of the SnB book that I could use if I can find the owl fabric and make her a knitting bag. She could use it for traveling - like on the many cruises they take. Now to just figure out the sewing machine.....I have the basics down and have made a few things......that are lumpy and not quite even.....but they are holding up pretty good so far. :) I'll have to post pics of my Care Bear pattern bag that I made. It was a piece of fabric with the pre-patterned panels all on it. So I just had to cut along the lines and sew. That I got great it was the trim that was making it hard for me. But it is done, works well and I love it so cute! Plus I have gotten so many compliments on it and I can proudly say I made it myself. :)

Today is busy: Laundry this morning before leaving to have lunch with the older girls, then their end of year parties that I get to bounce between (oh joy), weight loss challenge her after school, dinner and then Wii Fit exercise at some point in time between. I am so going to bed early and sleeping well tonight!!!! Gotta dash later Jland.

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