Thursday, June 26, 2008

QOW review

Ok so Amy said 'Ha!' in response to my friends know me well. To further clarify - I never said there would be just one container, just that that was what I was thinking would fit into one. I have three under the bed containers that I can clear out stuff from and but more yarny goodness into them. My DH never looks under the bed so he'll never know how much I truely have unless he looks at purchases to projects ratio. Plus Amy is a bad influence - there is a dollar bin at Michael's that I never knew about......this gives me a reason to enter the store now. Ours is in the rundown store building and I don't really like going in there much but they did have a better stamp selection than Joann's the one time I was in there. Hmmmmm..........

Well let's finish the music portion too while I am at it. Not that I am much more awake than I was last night/this morning when I typed it up. Let's see the best way to do this would be soundtracks I think vs. trying to name people/bands. Grease, Footloose, Cocktail, Caddy Shack....notice they are all from the 80's? Yeah me too. Umm well my parents listened to pretty much everything so I grew up that way and do now too. Oldies - Chantilly Lace is one of my all time faves; Pop - Madonna, New Kids on the Block; Country - Garth brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash; and many more that I can't seem to think about right now. I remember buying the cassette tapes at the gas stations for the trips we'd take and listening to them over and over again. Like Crusin' Classics brought to you by Shell gas station -"Listen to the music" Doobie Brothers, "It's so easy" Linda Ronstadt, "Ventura Highway" America, "Could it be I'm falling in love" The Spinners, "Can't fight this feeling" REO Speedwagon, "The heat is on" Glenn Fry, "Wake me up before you go-go" Wham!, "Kiss is on my list" Hall & Oats, "September" Earth, Wind & Fire, & "Footloose" Kenny Loggins. Oh oh Wang Chung! Love that song. Ok thats all for now. Back when I am more awake :)

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