Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Junk and stuff

SO as you can tell I have been messing around with the background on my blog. :) The templates they provide are great but sometime can be limiting to what you might like them to be. I however just discovered that in the layouts tab you can change the color of background, text, etc. So I picked the layout I like but it was a blah color and changed it up after adding a pic to my header and ta-dah here is the new blog design. :) I'm sure I knew about the changing the color thingy before since this isn't my first blog on here but I totally spaced on it evidently.

Well my batteries were finally charged in the camera so I took some pics of my new yarn from the other day. Jack decided he needed to be in a few.....couldn't be because mom put a plastic bag (read Jack's FAVORITE toy) on the floor. Nope couldn't be that. So here they are and picks of the size 8's that I got for the girls. Julia is using 1 set now to get the hang of the garter stitch. I'm using another to demonstrate with and the last is the one pictured still in package. And yes I remembered finally that I can resize pictures on here so they are not huge like tha last few have been. LOL!


Noro Silk Garden Colorway 6 Lot A

Noro Silk Garden Colorway 3 Lot A

Julia's Yarn


"What's with the light ma?"

Ugh when will the rain end? I don't mind it bringing down the temps because it was hot outside this past week during lunch recess. But if it is still raining later today that means indoor recess, which means headache for me and mean lunch lady for the kids. Plus my whistle is super loud inside. ;) The rain is making me wish we had put a roof on the deck and enclosed it. Then I could be sitting on the deck, knitting and watching the rain fall in nice cool non-A/C air.

**Special note** To my secret pal if you decide to purchase something for me from my Amazon.com wishlist - I am ok with items being used/like new vs. brand spanking new. I figure it's one way to recycle books without actually recycling them. Could be why I love my library so much. ;) And thanks for the comment. Being without power wasn't so bad as it got really hot in the house fast and the girls are soooooo spoiled that all they did was complain. By the time I finished reading and blew out the candles it was so dark in the house that it freaked me out a little. I'm too used to my alarm clock that glows. It's basically a night light for me. :D Not that I need one I just like to see that I am going to fall on the dog when I get up in the middle of the night because she is laying on the floor on my side of the bed. Never Mike's side - always mine. Why???? I don't get it. Anyways. Breakfast time, some knitting then work for now. Maybe another post later if I finish Becca's scarf today. *Crosses fingers*

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Loveto said...

I love Noro! Silk Garden, too. It really keeps your knitting interesting.

Do you have plans for the noro?