Friday, May 30, 2008

Down time?????

So tonight was the kids school carnival or Hoopla as we call it. They have the classes collect different items and then you can buy tickets to enter them in a chance at winning the baskets made from the collected items. The kids have some Grand Prizes to win and lunch with a teacher that only they can enter but the rest are open to any family member. We put our tickets in roughly 5 baskets. Two years ago I won a scrapbooking basket after putting about 20 tickets in the bag. LOL! This year my youngest daughter, Becca, won the Girls Reading basket! Woot - more books! Can't go wrong with that........except now I have to email the book buyers in the family and let them know we have these. I believe it is safe to say that all 3 girls now have a copy of Charoltte's Web once someone claims my old copy. LOL It's a good book and now they will never have to fight over who wil get a chance to read it. That and Freckle Juice - we still have my old copy and now and extra. :) We got some more journals - oh joy they will fill out every other page and then claim to need a new one.......these are going into hiding until I use them or they proove they have used all the pages in the ones they have now! HEHEHE I have some new pens....... >.> 'Hi my name is Jen and I am an office supplies addict.' "Hi Jen" lol ;D What can I say - my first job was working for my mom in an office. We got a ton of free pens in the mail or from the office supplies reps who came out - I got my pick from them after mom claimed the ones she and the bookkeeper liked. I STILL have some of those really cool pens. But the big thing is we lucked out and the rain held off until after we got home - YAY *Does a BIG happy dance*!!!!!!!

But I have no down time in between tonight and tomorrow night and Sunday. Tomorrow morning I am heading out at 8:30 AM to get my hair cut, no biggie there. I just have to be back home by 10:30 am at the latest to leave at 11 am to head to Lansing (East Lansing really) for a family picnic with Mike's dad's side of the family. That will be fun seeing as how we will miss the two big events in July that we usually spend with them - the 4th and a b-day. 4th We will be in DeWitt for my Nana's (grandma) 80th b-day celebration and the other one will be Mike's 10 year class reunion weekend. Mine is coming up sometime soon too but I don't think we will attend it. Anyways back to tomorrow's schedule - after the picnic we are stopping at Mike's mom and step (adoptive) dad's house to drop off tools we were loaned to finish the deck. Then it's off to Lugnuts (minor league baseball) game at 7 pm. Home around midnight. I get up around 7:30 am to go to church. Home around 1:30 pm. Little down time here unless I go shopping because I will need a dish for the potluck at 5:45 pm that night!

My plan is to knit in the car on the ride up and around and maybe while I am visiting at the picnic. Keeping food off it will be tricky....

Oh and I am still waiting on the link for the lunch lady talent show skit. Evidently there was some problem with the video format and uploading it to YouTube. So it hasn't been put up there yet. Heck I haven't even seen it yet! But i have been told it look great. We all wore out Lunch Lady shirts to the Hoopla tonight. :D

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