Friday, May 16, 2008


Well I thought my oldest daughter was just like me and having allergy problems today.......nope she evidently is sick. She didn't have her teacher call home though and cried at school because her throat hurt so much. Poor kid! So I got them from the bus and she says that she is warm but is feeling cold......uh oh signs of a fever. Sure enough she was at 101.2 (celsius sp?)!!! So I gave her some kids ibuprofin to pop and sent her to lay down. She's complaing that she is still cold. I told her well I could let you get naked and then lay under one blanket or you can stay in your clothes on top of your blankets. She choose to stay dressed. Poor Julia. So it is ramen noodles for her tonight and lots of warm water to help her throat feel better.

It could be worse - I could be a parent of one of the kids I had to punish today at lunch. We had a lunch lady out for a Girl Scout field trip so I was her sub. Normally I don't do the kindergarten but I figured maybe it was time to actually sub for that position since I am subbing for. So my day was like this - I had a code yellow on the playground structure and the child denied having an accident, denied even being wet when it was quite obvious. I then had two other kids go to the bathroom without asking and start crawling under the stalls and locking doors. Argh! What is their deal? I know mine aren't angels but they know better than that and know if they want to do something stupid like that at school in front of me or any other lunch lady they will get time on the wall. It's just been one of those days.

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