Friday, May 9, 2008


So truthfully knitting is a new past-time for me. I've grown up with many women in my family who knit or crochet and once tried to learn. I think I was around 8 years old when I first asked my Aunt to teach me how to knit. That was back when my mom's side of the family was spending almost all summer days and weekends together around holidays. My Nana (grandma) crochets and even won a few blue ribbons in the county fairs for her table cloths. They are beautiful.

So my aunt taught me and even gave me a pair of needles to keep. I was given free range to scrounge the leftover yarn bin when I was over. But I soon lost interest when I couldn't seem to figure it out. Since then I have tried to teach myself to knit twice since and crochet once. The second time with knitting took - mainly because I got a great book and have a friend who knits as well and has talked me through some things that I couldn't figure out. I bought "Stitch 'n Bitch". Which being much newer and updated than my really old (read 1960's) "Learn how to knit" book from I'm not sure where any more.

I decided to start small and try to learn each stitch one at a time. I actually finished my first project - a baby blanket for one of my long-time friends.

Angie's baby blanket

This is 151 stitches and 1.5 skeins of yarn (1 multicolored and .5 of the white). All knit stitched on two straight needles. I was going with what I had at the time and it turned out good I think. I forgot the width and length of it.....might be able to look that up...gimme a minute. Nope deleted that conversation. Oh well - it was a baby blanket and about normal baby blanket size. :) So I mastered knitting, starting a new ball and binding off all with this one piece. Yay me! Perfect for Angie's little boy.

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