Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost there......

I've been working a lot on Julia's scarf and it is almost done -YAY! I think my next project will be Mike's scarf. I know, I know - another scarf??? But I plan to use the stockinette stitch for his so it will be different. I promise! Then one of the other girls will get the seed stitch. So I only have to figure out what I am going to do for one scarf after that. At least they are all different colors so thay can tell whose scarf is whose when I am all done with them. :)

I got my invite the other day. Which was actually pretty fast. I was impressed because I'd heard the waiting list for invites was long. Guess they have been getting those invites out a lot faster lately. Its a really neat site to connect with other knitters in your area, state, country or around the world. You can share patterns, borrow patterns and share advice and/or knitting/crocheting stories. I'm still learning my way around the place but I like it so far.

Bus time - must go get the monsters.......errr I mean girls, yeah girls thats what I meant to type. ;)

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