Saturday, May 10, 2008

Practice makes.....more errors to correct

Well I said I had to leave for practice earlier at church. The kids church classes are singing their theme song for the year on the big church stage....tomorrow....on Mother's day. No biggie. Now if only when we practice we wouldn't find more problems! I give up. OK so if you look at my profile pic on here I am wearing the younger of the 3 classes shirt that will be on stage tomorrow. The awesome thing about it is that it glows in the dark - so when they drop the lights on us at one point all the shirts will be glowing - SWEET!

So because I am older (read not in middle/high school like some other worship team members) and have proven that I am there to help out with whatever - I was made House Left Manager. Meaning I get to manage the kids whose lines will be entering the stage from House Left - roughly 89 kids total. But the logistics of - are we clapping during this song at this point has been done to death and evidently decided against being used at all after the practice. The kids are grades K - one was on beat.

But now I am super tired and just have to get up even earlier tomorrow morning to get there early again for smoothing out anything else. I love my church but can't wait until this whole thing is done and over.

On another note - after our number in the talent show at my kids school one of our lunch ladies decided to post our video on YouTube. So that is predicted to be going up at some point in time this weekend. Oh Joy! In case you have no clue what I was saying - we lunch ladies rewrote the song "Copacabana" to fit a day in our cafeteria with lines about what we do and who we are, etc. Then we made up a dance to go with it and props and trash can hats on lunch trays. Oh yeah we rocked! The audience loved us and evidently we never even got our intro because we came out too early. LOL. oh well.

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