Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Still no luck remembering my pin number for my debit card. I think I have it but don't have any reason to go out and buy something. And after going through all my junk in my house - could not find it anywhere. I know I have it but it's not where I looked which means it could be anywhere. So I broke down today and called my bank and got a new pin sent to me at a $5 fee. Ack! But I can use my debit card again in a week. Meanwhile most likely I will find it sometime before the new one comes in - that's my luck. I'm feeling super sleepy right now......has nothing to do with being up until almost 2 am reading Nora Robert's "The Hollow". Um nope nothing to do with that.

On the knitting front - I finished Calorimetry. Yes, again - but this time it fits and I have a button on it!!! :-D And then I started Lily's scarf because as she asked me yesterday "When are you gonna be done knitting stuff for yourself?" Mind you that sounds like I have knit a bazillion things since finishing Becca's scarf. Nope just two in the same pattern and one a few more times due to size issues. So I cast on a scarf for her in seed stitch just to try it. It's looking really pretty with the purple/blue yarn she finally picked from my stash. That was the other thing I would have started her scarf a long time ago but she didn't want any of the stash yarn I had. She wanted pink.......I have no pink other than what her sister picked for her scarf. Ugh. Will take pics and post them later. I was told by Amy I have to take a pic of me wearing Calorimetry. I will but I have to shower and clean up the mess I made first because it's weight loss challenge night tonight.

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