Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay yarn!

I got my package the other day from adore1 on of the roving and yarn I purchased from her. I got two colorways of Spunky Eclectic roving in superwash corriedale (Party Dress from Dec. 2007 & Rosebud from May 2008) and one skein of Scout's Swag superwash BFL sock yarn in Lavender Mint. Pictures are below.

roving december 2007

Party Dress roving

party dress

roving may 2008

Rosebud roving


Scout's Swag Lavender Mint

scout's swag lavender & mint

After getting roving and yarn in the mail I went to look at Michael's and JoAnn's for supplies to make a spindle. I was reading online on what would be needed. I could find the dowels no problem. But could not find big enough wooden toy wheels to make the spindles. Neither store carried the ones big enough. I did find the hooks and bought some as they were only $1 usd. I got home and looked online for the wheels and found the solid and the wagon wheels that I have seen in some spindles. Found here: and here: on Kit Kraft, Inc.'s website. The solid ones from what I have read should be at least 2" to work well. So I am biding (bideing? sp?) my time because in the long run I think it will be more fun to have made a spindle. Or at least a new challenge to see if it works. :D

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Loveto said...

Have you thought about using a CD to make a spindle?? That's what we used in class when I was learning to spin.

Here's the link here.,,DIY_14141_3447419,00.html

Have fun!

Oh, don't you just love Scouts Swag?