Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a weekend....Warning picture heavy

Well Saturday we spent the day visiting with family and meeting my new niece. Madelyn says "hi".

stuff 039

Her blanket is done I worked on it all while we drove and a little while we were visiting to get it done.

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Even my mom's cat Gizmo liked the blanket - Mike had to pick him up hissing and all so I could get the top picture. And yes that is Gizmo's head in the left of the top picture. LOL

Then I super quick like made the bunny blanket buddy for my other niece, Madelyn's sister Keira, just so she wasn't left out. :) The animal cookie monster (Keira) at Ukai for dinner on Saturday. Which ended up causing us to miss the bowling part of Mike's 10 year reunion because they had changed the time and I missed it. But we had fun and Keira loves fried rice! If I had let her keep my fork I'm sure I would have been wearing more than I got to eat of my friend rice. LOL

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Bunny Blanket Buddy from the Lion Brand website, made with Lion Brand Homespun in Lavender Sachet. This is pre-face, I haven't taken pics of that yet. :)

stuff 063

I planned to start the owl dishclothes on the way home Sunday, but I ended up driving home. Look at me traveling and bringing 3 projects to work on. LOL

Sunday was better for the reunion - sorta. There was a picnic set to start at noon but no one was there until 2 pm. Ok fine and then we only had about 5 other classmates showup. Mind you I was friends with 2.5 of them so I was ok with this. Let me explain this - I moved in 7th gade or else I would have graduated with my hubby and all my friends from elementary school. And the 2.5 - the .5 is someone who I was friendly with but she wasn't someone that I hung out with outside of school. Nothing against her, we just never seemed to be that kind of friends, but she was another one I'd known since like 1st grade. Then one I knew but only because we'd had a class or two together and in middle school only one year. The last one had only gone to high school with them so I didn't know her at all. But hey I thought it was worth it even if it started later than planned. :) Me. LaRae, Heather & Haley.

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