Wednesday, July 23, 2008

QOW # 7

We are all creatures of habit and when it comes to sitting down to knit, it's no different…

What is(are) your favorite place(s) to knit? and
What supplies (besides yarn & needles) make the setting perfect for knitting?

Favorite places to knit - My couch is comfy and I can knit while watching tv or movies. I've been knitting at my computer lately. Knit Night is held at a local coffee house and even though my knitting and I come home smelling of coffee it is a small price to pay to be with my new friends. And when it is not raining or too hot I've been known to sit on my deck in a camp chair and knit until it gets dark enough that I can't see unless I turn on the porch light - then I head inside.

Supplies that I try to always have with me - I have this old make-up bag that I decided to use to hold my crochet hooks instead of leaving the floating at the bottom of my basket of yarn. But also in there is a pair of scissors, a tape measure, my little tin of stitch markers, my row counter, bits of left over Noro because I love the color, and some needles to finish up a project when needed. I try to always keep the make-up bag with my current knitting project in my knitting bag. That way n matter where I am if I am done with a project I can finish it up and have it ready to block if needed or to give to the intended person if they are around and blocking is not needed.

Speaking of blocking - acrylic yarn baby blankets - should they be blocked to get them to lay flat/ make both end even if tension loosened as I went in knitting? I am almost through my second skein of yarn on Madelyn's blanket and keep thinking it needs to be blocked to get the ends to not curl up so much (it should wave but they are literally curling up probably because they were stitched on a smaller needle?). And really I only have until Friday to get it done if I am to block it the blanket would need to be dry and ready to go out the door on Saturday by 10 am. Guess this would be a good excuse to get some blocking pins soon. I've never blocked anything I have finished yet - mostly because the scarves didn't need it (or so I think) and because I wasn't sure on the first blanket which I still have (BAD me she had the baby in April!).

Bleh. Well breakfast time for me now. :)

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