Saturday, July 5, 2008

Geeks to squirrels......

Friday was fun. We were in DeWitt at this itty-bitty park right in the heart of downtown. We were celebrating the 4th as well as my Nana's 90 b-day (that was in March). Of course being the nice aunt that I am - I bought my niece a new toy. :-D Julia had to help he play it of course - cuz she has to be helpful to everyone..........just like her mommy was.

And she loved it even if she wouldn't let me hold her the stinker! I wouldn't expet anything different from my brother's kid.

I did have to laugh at my brother back at Easter time. He was complaining that he is fat. The boy is FINALLY packing pounds onto his 6'2" frame and has reached 190 lbs. He then stated "I have to weigh more than you do." To which I laughed because if I weighed 190 lbs I'd be dancing for joyas to how close to my goal weight I'd be. Then he said "Well then you're fat." Love you too brother, love you too.

The one thing I was bummed about was that I was close to a yarn store and it was of course closed for the holiday. :( Guess I'll see if they are open around Christmas time when we next travel that way.......well I doubt they will bopen on Christmas eve. Darn!

On the knitting front - I finished calorimetry - yeah again I know. But this FITS!!!! And here are some pics of it and Lily's scarf - my go at seed stitch. :)

My creation

So the hubby is picking on me and saying that Amy and I are big dorks. Then he goes on to try to call us geeks and it comes out no not quite dear. Hence the title - I thought it worked well.

Today we went out to dinner for Becca's b-day - she's seven now. I would have pics of it but the batteries ended up in my mouse from the camera........ So I am charging more for later use. But in the meanwhile here is a pic or two of her knitting the other day. :)

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Amy said...

Does that make him a chipmunk??