Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has flown by and it seems like I haven't done a thing. I've got Madelyn's blanket about half way done. So I need to keep working on that for when we get to meet her this Saturday. I have knit night tomorrow and am looking forward to it and seeing my new friends. That and getting out of the house away from the girls would be lovely. I love them but they are driving me nuts. Could be that they feel cooped up in the house. Maybe but if that was the case then why aren't they asking to go outside instead of watching movies. They could go jump in our pool (nothing special but it will cool them off). They have been bugging me to go to the big pool but we don't have passes for here and I don't want to because all the other kids will be there and it's not that big of a pool. They behave worse around their "friends" then when they are all by themselves - mostly. A friend of mine invited us to come over during the week to her plae and swim or to even meet us at the state park by us to go swimming. Which is something I want to do but the girls behavior has made it so that I haven't called her to set it up. Caught in the catch 22 loop - have to be good to go swimming, want to swim and/or be outside but misbehave because we can, etc. You get my point. Besides 2 of the girls can't find their bathing suits and I'm not buying new ones when the ones they have fit fine.

Bleh. Back to the baby blanket that I hope to finish before the weekend.

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