Friday, February 27, 2009

How my day really went.....

Well my schedule wasn't quite how I said it would go. The table wasn't cleaned off until this afternoon. The kids were at the door waiting until the oldest wandered away after I got there. We went to where I signed up for our cookie booth to be - they told me I was wrong - no booths here. So I went to the other movie place they said yup booth is here. We set up my youngest (whose booth it was) goes to the bathroom and has an accident. We head back toward home but stop at the school because it's closer. She had everything BUT underwear. I stole some from the office, the principal knew I did it. ;) We get back to the booth and then things seem to go good for the rest of the time. I get home am told sil is going to be late. I look at my paperwork - I was right on the location that I signed up for. I called the person in charge of the booths - he said yup you should have been there. WE lucked out on being able to even be at the other location because no one was signed up for that time there.

*Bangs head on wall repeatedly*

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Meg said...

Ugh! hope you got that dessert/drink. :)