Thursday, March 5, 2009


That of course was said in my best cookie monster voice as I typed it. :) It's that time of year when my house starts to fill with girl scout cookie boxes that need to be delivered to family. And right now I only have one kids order in my house, well in my car really but you get my drift. Extra crap in an already small house is not fun. Good thing I am planning a trip tomorrow to deliver the cookies.

This will be the second of three trips to Lansing this week alone. Tuesday was my friend's father's funeral. I may not have seen her in about a year but I felt this was a trip that needed to be made to be there for her and her hubby. Tomorrow to deliver cookies. And then Saturday to run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to visit everyone. Namely hubby's grandma who was just moved into a nursing home, then his parents because they miss us, and at some point my bff's from high school Em and Josh. But tomorrow will not only be cookie delivery but a trip to Threadbear - they are having a their bi-annual clearance sale that starts today. YAY 50% off Harry Potter sock yarns!

Knitting news - I bought some Sunshine Yarns Twist sock yarn a week ago in Butterbeer and Cornish Pixies - both Harry Potter colors. I also got the Harry Potter mini skein set in Twist. So pretty! I am getting my The Unique Sheep yarn into balls to start the pattern from my secret pal from SP13. I can't wait to see how they colors look knit together. So that is what I am casting on next. And then I am finally gonna finish the scarves on my needles. Really I am. I swear it this time... >.>

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